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College Gallery 2019-2022


Yoga Practice Session 2022

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World Environment Day 2022

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Rabindra Jayanti 2022

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Earth Day 2022


Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22nd of April since 1970. It was first observed to protest against 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill 1969, that had adversely affected many aquatic beings like sea, birds, dolphins, seals etc. It was proposed by Serator Gaybrd Nelson. The day basically aims to spread awareness about issues like global warming, deforestation, environmental pollution and so on. A number of campaigns, drives and events are organised to motivate people to join hands with one another to help find solutions to the problems plaguing our planet in the present day scenario. The theme of Earth Day 2022, as decided by UNESCO is -INVEST IN OUR PLANET to promote Sustainable Development. We, the members of the Social Science club, K.S.S. Jain College of Education had presented a Wall Magazine titled, 'Earth-O-Pedia' which constituted write ups, drawings, poster and awareness placards to enrich the students of our college about the importance of Earth Day. Our collaborative efforts had been channelized into a successful presentation through the able guidance of our mentors. Mr. Subrata Majumdar, Mrs. Piyali Banerjee, Mrs. Dipanwita Biswas, Mrs. Beauty Raha & Mrs. Ankita Das. View Gallery


Gender Issues Lecture 2022


KSS Jain college of Education has organised a one-day Lecture cum Interactive Session on 'Gender Issues' on May 13th May 2022. The lecture session focussed on various dimension of gender issues and how to bring about gender equality in true sense. The faculty members and the students were privileged enough to have among them Prof. Sridipa Sinha, HOD, Department of Education, University of Calcutta as the resource person. Welcome speech was given by principal Dr. Sadhana Jha. In her lecture Prof. Sridipa Sinha clearly explained the concept of gender and various dimensions of gender issues. Her lecture clearly showed that gender issues are a global in nature though it varies from country to country. She also put forward the probable solutions to overcome gender inequality. Her lecture has illuminated the students and the faculty members alike. At the end of the session vote of thanks was given by Prof.Trisha Banerjee. Prof. Sudeshna Mukherjee was the convener of the event. View Gallery


Freshers Welcome 2022

Freshers Welcome 2022

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Bhasa Divas 2022

K.S.S. Jain College of Education Bhasa Divas 2022

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Saraswati Puja 2022

K.S.S. Jain College of Education Saraswati Puja 2022

The past few months have been quite a topsy-turvy situation for the teachers as well as the students with the uncertainty that dawned upon all of us due to the outbreak of the pandemic
With God's grace we finally are getting back on track in the normal course of life with the reopening of the educational institutes welcoming the students to relive their on - campus experiences.
With this, the members of KSS Jain College of Education have surrendered themselves at the lotus feet of the 'Goddess of Learning' to commemorate Bani Bandana - 2022 with valour and frolic joining hands with one another to imbibe the auspices of Maa Saraswati's blessings.  View Gallery


K.S.S. Jain College of Education Annual Picnic 2020 (21st January, 2020) 

K.S.S. Jain College of Education Annual Picnic 2020

the Annual picnic organised by K.S.S. Jain College of Education to Sonargaon Picnic spot in Badu, Madhyamgram on 21st January, 2020. The students, teaching & non-teaching staff of B.ED & D.El.Ed participated in full-filled picnic. Every student was given an opportunity to participate & enjoy themselves. We were welcome with Peas kachuri, Potato curry, Sweet & Tea. Afternoon we were served pakoras and after the full-filled morning we were served lunch. The students were extremely excited. They sang, danced played badminton, cricket, flying dish & antakshari. Their enthusiasm was infections and their smiles spread from them to their accompanying teachers. All the members clearly enjoyed their day to the fullers and created beautiful memories to be cherished by them for a long time to come. The laughter & joy that was withered amongst, the students & the teachers was something beyond words. The trip was successfully implemented and all of us wait for more such full-filled trip.. View Gallery


Gandhi Jayanti Celebration (1st October 2019)

Gandhi Jayanti is an event celebrated in India on 2nd of October to mark the birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi or Bapuji . It is a National Holiday. Internationally this day is celebrated as the International Day of Non-violence as Gandhiji was the preacher of Non-violence. He is a symbol of peace and truth. On 1st of October 2019, KSS Jain College of Education celebrated Gandhi Jayanti to commemorate the life and teachings of Gandhiji. The introductory session was presided over by the principal, Dr Sadhana Jha. Her encouraging speech portrayed the significance of this special event. During the program the students shared the anecdotes from Gandhiji's life which inspired all and encouraged us to think about the simple living of Gandhiji. The students of B.Ed and the D.El.Ed rendered patriotic songs which created a patriotic atmosphere. The teacher trainees also enacted three short plays which were assessed by the judges. All the plays focused upon the major themes of Ahimsa, Swachh Bharat and conveyed the message of peace and truth. The whole program was quite successful in true sense and spirit. View Gallery


Teachers Day Celebration 2019

On the auspicious occasion of Teachers' Day, KSS Jain College of Education celebrated an event to pay respect to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was not only an honourable former President of India, but also one of India's most distinguished scholars who specialised in philosophy and comparative religion. Dr. Radhakrishnan was awarded several prestigious awards during his lifetime, including a knighthood in 1931, the Bharat Ratna in 1954 and honorary membership of the British Royal Order of Merit in 1963. Dr. Radhakrishnan believed that "teachers should be the best minds in the country." Since 1962, his birthday has been celebrated in India as Teacher's Day on 5th September every year. Read more and View Gallery


15th August 2019
Celebrations of the 73rd Independence Day

The Independence Day commemorates the brave young men and women who gave up their lives to liberate India from the shackles of servitude. The celebrations of the 73rd Independence Day (15th Aug 2019) which has merged with the auspicious Raksha Bandhan was marked with the benign presence of the principal Dr Sadhna Jha accompanied by the teaching staffs and the students of KSS Jain College of Education. Everyone present could savour and feel the ecstasy of the liberated heart and soul of our nation. The principal, to commemorate the sovereignty of our country rendered an eloquent speech infused with the thoughts and feelings of freedom from superstitions and cultural evils. She advocated thoughts of positivity, zeal and confidence for all. India promotes unity in diversity with the rich and unique blend of diverse regions, cultures, languages, faiths and rituals which were portrayed by small cultural program arranged by students guided by the teachers. The program incorporated recitations, musical performances, dance recitals, instrumental extravaganza and a short skit all reflecting the essence of Independence and Fraternity. The skit also projected a major contemporary concern of water scarcity. The no program ended in a happy note with our National Anthem. A vote of thanks was given and the students were served snacks at the end.


22 Shraban (08 Aug 2019)
In Remembarance of Rabindranath Tagore