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Report on Earth Day 22nd April,2022

Investing in our Planet

Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22nd of April since 1970. It was first observed to protest against 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill 1969, that had adversely affected many aquatic beings like sea, birds, dolphins, seals etc. It was proposed by Serator Gaybrd Nelson. The day basically aims to spread awareness about issues like global warming, deforestation, environmental pollution and so on. A number of campaigns, drives and events are organised to motivate people to join hands with one another to help find solutions to the problems plaguing our planet in the present day scenario. The theme of Earth Day 2022, as decided by UNESCO is -INVEST IN OUR PLANET to promote Sustainable Development. We, the members of the Social Science club, K.S.S. Jain College of Education had presented a Wall Magazine titled, 'Earth-O-Pedia' which constituted write ups, drawings, poster and awareness placards to enrich the students of our college about the importance of Earth Day. Our collaborative efforts had been channelized into a successful presentation through the able guidance of our mentors. Mr. Subrata Majumdar, Mrs. Piyali Banerjee, Mrs. Dipanwita Biswas, Mrs. Beauty Raha & Mrs. Ankita Das.