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Students Week Celebration on 2nd January to 7th January 2023

As per the BSAEU initiations student's week was celebrated by K.S.S. Jain College of Education from 2nd January to 7th January, 2023. Student's week is a time to celebrate student's achievement and to encourage further learning. It's also an opportunity for students to show their support of their college through competition, sport and other activities the following events were organised throughout the week.

The students participated in all the events whole heartedly and the audience cheered a lot for motivating the participants. Many students with hidden talent were identified. This initiative was good as it gave the students opportunities' to practice their skills in different areas such as art, music, recitation, general knowledge and sports. These events also gave the students opportunity to socialise with others and be aware about their own strengths & weakness. To conclude it must be said that the major objective behind this whole initiative was completely successful. View Report