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  • Old Clothes Distribution Drive by NSS Unit Brings Relief to Slum Community

    On Saturday, 8th June 2024, the National Service Scheme (NSS) unit of Kamala Devi Sohanraj Singhvi Jain College of Education organized a commendable clothes distribution drive to support the underprivileged slum dwellers residing in the vicinity of the college premises.

    The initiative commenced with an enthusiastic appeal from the NSS program officers to the students, and faculty members,  to contribute old and unused clothes from their households. The response was overwhelming, as dozens of bags filled with clothes poured in from all quarters of the college community.

    On 7th June, a team of dedicated faculty members along with Principal diligently sorted and organized the collected clothes according to gender, age, and type. The meticulous preparation ensured an efficient and streamlined distribution process.

    On 8th June at around 3 PM, the NSS team, accompanied by the program officers,carried the carefully packaged clothes and distributed the same to the slum dwellers. The residents of the slum, comprising mostly daily wage laborers and their families, warmly welcomed the noble initiative.

    The distribution process was carried out in an orderly manner, with each family receiving a bundle of clothes tailored to their specific needs. The joy and gratitude on the faces of the recipients were truly heartwarming, as many of them had been struggling to clothe themselves and their children adequately.

    The NSS unit’s efforts did not stop at the distribution of clothes. The volunteers also took the opportunity to interact with the slum dwellers, gaining insights into their living conditions and challenges. This interaction proved to be an enriching experience for the students, fostering empathy and a deeper understanding of the socio-economic disparities that exist within their local community.

    The clothes distribution drive was a resounding success, serving as a testament to the college’s commitment to social responsibility and community service. The NSS unit’s endeavors not only provided material support to those in need but also instilled a sense of compassion and civic engagement among the students, equipping them to become responsible citizens of tomorrow.

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