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  • International Yoga Day Celebration 2024

    On June 21, 2024 Kamala Devi Sohanraj Singhvi Jain College of Education celebrated International Yoga Day with enthusiasm and participation from the students of the B.Ed. and D.EI.Ed. departments and the professors. The event aimed to promote the significance of yoga in daily life.
    The celebration began with an inspiring opening speech by the Principal Dr.Sadhana Jha majm where she highlighted how yoga plays an important role in maintaining balance in our lives. This was followed by a joint yoga practice session where students and staff members came together and performed various asanas like ‘Surya Namaskar’, ‘Vrikshasana’, ‘Pranayam’, `Trikonasanaa’ among many others.
    The next event was a joint yoga dance performance accompanied by soothing music. This was also a contribution towards World Music Day. This segment was really appreciated by the audience, drawing applause and admiration.
    The highlight of the day was a yoga competition where each participant was required to perform two mandatory asanas and one asana of their choice. The competition saw enthusiastic participation with students demonstrating remarkable skill and poise. The event was both enjoyable and educational.
    The event would generate awareness among the trainee teachers regarding the importance of Yoga for mind and soul as well as they would disseminate the values among students.
    There were two (joint) first position holders — Pallabi Tripathi (D.EI.Ed.) and Muskan Sharma (B.Ed. Sem-IV) . The second position was given to Anisha Shadangi (B.Ed. Sem IV) and the third position was given to Arpita Kayal (B.Ed. Sem-l)

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