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  • NSS ACTIVITY REPORT Visit to an orphanage

    Visit to an orphanage
    Venue: Nalta Arindam Welfare Society
    Address; 14, Surya Sen Pally matkal kristan para Kali Mandir Kol-65. Near Assembly of God Church

    Kamala Devi Sohan Raj Singhvi Jain College f Education, organized a visit to an orphanage on the 13th of January 2024. It was primarily organized keeping in mind the norms and guidelines of NCTE participation was sought from the students of 3rd semester as well a handful of students from the 1st Sem. A total of 30 students visited the orphanage under the guidance of Professor Piyali Banerjee, Professor Amrita Datta, Professor Beauty Raha, Professor Ankita Das.
    Nalta Arindam Welfare Society is an independent Orphanage run generously by Mr Chandan Bose. At present it accommodates around 54 to 60 children, between the age of 3 to 18 yrs, being taken care of with utmost care and affection.
    The students reached the orphanage at around 3 P. M. The lovely residents were eagerly waiting for us and received us with utmost pleasure and happiness and greeted us with open arms and enthusiasm. Mr Chandan Bose explained the history behind Orphanage.
    A play was organized jointly by the students of the 3rd sem and 1st sem students, whose theme was “Value of Education” and its purpose was basically inculcating in the children the importance and the need of education alongside gender equality etc. After that the student volunteers distributed stationery items which mostly consisted of pen, pencil, eraser, sharpner, eraser, scale, sketch pens and rough copies along with food packets to the students. Amidst all this the volunteers as well as the teachers interacted with the children with various fun games and activities.

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